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about the lead seal and applicable
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Plastic seal

Plastic seal is the lead seal, because any seal products have the function and purpose of anti-theft. Anti-theft seal in narrow sense refers to the aluminum anti-theft seal. The broad sense of the anti-theft seal many different types of products, the specific content can refer to the seal, the following highlights the narrow sense of the anti-theft seal, that aluminum anti-theft seal.

Aluminum anti-theft seal, the material is pure lead inside, the external pressed into an aluminum leather box, the surface color by electroplating. Front can be printed on the name of the unit (such as a certain power company) and coding, the reverse side generally has four protruding holes, used together with the seal line together.

 plastic security seal

Aluminum anti-theft seal size products vary slightly depending on the model, the standard color red, yellow, blue, green, black and white six, of course, you can customize other colors.

Aluminum anti-theft seal is applicable to a wide range of electric meters, water meters, postal bags, armament Shi Feng, instruments, electricity, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transport, chemical, mining, postal services, customs, railways, finance, containers , Foreign trade commodity inspection, transport product processing, and product testing, packaging drums, energy measurement, to prevent theft and storage leaks and other industries.

As with other sealing products, the anti-theft aluminum seal is disposable. Once the seal is properly locked, it can not be opened unless it is damaged by violence (ie, cut open), and the damaged seal can not be reused. Each seal has a unique number logo. Only the seals are normally locked, you can prove that the meter or meter has not been activated, the case inside the box by the packing manager in charge of supervision. Aluminum anti-theft seal is not allow

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