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Container seal classification and role
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-06 PV :

Container seal is a lock container, but can only be used once, after the opening is broken, can not be used again. There is a number above, is unique, if the customer to get the container seal number on the same with the bill of lading, on behalf of the container did not open, the goods intact. It is not a mark, the mark refers to the packaging and printing of goods marked, not the same thing.

  classification and role


meter seal production

(1) According to the application of seal can be divided into: factory seal (factory seal, the export factory plus); closed (closed seal, customs seal is added by the Customs); ship closure Seal, the shipping company plus); Temporary closure of the terminal (pier temporary seal, the terminal plus).

(2) According to the material and function of the seal can be divided into: high security seal, digital security seal, bullet seal, metal seal, wire plastic seal, plastic seal, security seals, ordinary seal.

Terminal temporary seal

(1) Unloading the seal on the back door

(2) After unloading the container, the container will be unpacked inside the wharf, and when the receiver picks up the first shipment.

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