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Meter seal how to use again
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-10 PV :

Meter seal how to use again

Here, as long as it is an electric meter seal should pay attention to, check the circuit sometimes the seal on the meter above accidentally broken, the original seal is 2 holes, the glue line through the hole after the clamp flat. Can take the plastic pliers from the seal on both sides of a few light pressure, you can pull off the broken plastic line, and then use a small root nails to pry the hole, it is easy to penetrate the plastic line, and then use cyanosis Compact on it. 

 water meter security seal

If you think it is not sure, to find an old water meter, the water meter has a seal above it, remove it and then put on the meter I did not experience in this area, but I made a lead seal, as you said, seal For ordinary security seals, you do not want to use clamps stuff clamp things, or seal the surface of the word deformation, lead seal is not good, you should make a fuss about the plastic line, the plastic line is the fishing line, you Go to the fish shop points on the line, get the glue line after the original seal on the plastic line out and then use the needle to expand the eye, it is easy to expand, lead is very soft, then the new plastic line to go through, and finally with a steel cap Something like the seal and glue line with a light flat on the line, Paul you make the perfect, try not to move the meter seal.

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