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No more than the relevant city to establish anti-theft mechanism
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-02 PV :
In recent years, the face of rising oil prices, stealing the phenomenon of refined oil repeatedly, China's cities have started anti-theft anti-theft mechanism of refined oil, the main work is the loopholes in transport management, how to solve this phenomenon has become Now the more important work. How to solve it?

To solve the loopholes in transport management, in fact, as long as you can grasp the four points can be a good control. 

 container seal for truck

First of all to strict implementation of the wire seal management system, to establish a complete wire seal with the account, custody account, the use of accounting, etc., the oil tankers in the tank before the strict inspection of the tanker wire seal is tight , The gas station to insist on the driver's car's seal is the same with the car seal the same, found abnormal reports in a timely manner to deal with the logistics department; the second is to give full play to the role of the number of quality management, the number of quality managers to enter the oil depot A comprehensive inspection and found that the tanker seal is not normal, a small hose and small oil drums and the impact of oil transport safety, and immediately stop loading oil; third is to establish a transport supervision coordination mechanism. The company should set up inspectors, from time to time from time to time on the transport line of tankers to check, to prevent the driver to steal oil read. Four is to install the positioning system to the car and use the carrier monitoring system on a regular and irregular basis for the transport process to track and monitor.

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