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Advantages Of Plastic Seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-02 PV :
The bank of the cashbox sequestration, are generally by padlock lock or note sequestration, and the seal of the handlers of these methods are time-consuming, laborious, easy to bad, and not effectively prevent the fraud.

In order to overcome the existing bank's storage and storage of the money box; All the time, people can carry, collect, carry, save, carry on the whole process of the money box of the armored truck to prevent the immanor of the guard. Produced by our company is the most prominent feature of a plastic seals can make trademark in accordance with the requirements of each unit of code, laser type and order number, strengthen management, easy to use, the ingredient is "polycarbonate plastic, high temperature, high hardness, high tenacity, transparent clear advantages, such as, no lead, no pollution, is the most economical environmental protection product.

meter seals application

1. Features: because the serration on the seal can be combined with the elastic plastic buckle in the plastic mouth, the plastic seal can have a very strong fixed effect.
Plastic seals the making craft of seal consists of two parts, one is a square plastic and elastic plastic buckle with a hooked inside, on the other side is a jagged article plastic seals, and a flexible body across the front of the plastic mouth and forms a ring, like trousers belt can be used for strapping cables.
Applicable scope: widely used in logistics, aviation, finance, electronics, electronics, packaging and other industries.

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