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What does the ISO17712 standard mean in the seal industry?
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-02 PV :

ISO17712 is an international standard, full name is DS DS / ISO / PAS 17712 Freight containers - Mechanical seals (freight containers - mechanical seals), this standard in the seal industry means what? Today, Tengxin lock industry to share What  

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ISO17712 mainly on the three seals made a more detailed provisions: indicative seals, high security seals, safety seals, in the purchase of seals when we need to look under the choice of products is not belong to these three. ISO / PAS 17712 provides a unique, common container seal standard for international trade and is the only publisher of such information. It has been recommended that the World Customs Council, the International Maritime Federation and the International Labor Organization be used for the calibration of container seals. So far, the container used in the US container must meet the ISO17712 standard, ISO17712 standard box closure is in the customer to receive the equipment when the delivery by the shipping company. ISO International Standardization Organization introduced the standard procedure for container machinery sealing - ISO / PAS 17712. This standardized procedure will help the company responsible for sealing the business effectively respond to the considerable amount of cargo safety and anti-theft challenges in the transportation process.


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