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What Are The Aspects Of Custom Wire Lead Seals?
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-10-19 PV :

The logistics lead seal is a disposable product, it has many kinds of different customization means, it is the safety of the lead seal is guaranteed by many different customization methods. What is the way of custom wire seal now? There are many ways of customizing lead seals, and the number of them can be changed to the extent that they are not available to me, and lead seals in a variety of ways to prevent imitation. When it comes to custom seal are often the first to think of is the seal on the surface of the seal, LOGO and code, this is the most common way of customization, customers only need to provide relative deserve LOGO and code words, manufacturers can be used laser machine adjust the position between the different LOGO, adjusting the laser power to seal, so as to achieve the desired effect. In other ways, the wire seal can adjust the length of the wire and the diameter of the steel wire to suit the customer's environment. Again is the application of the random code of the barcode on the coding of print, random code is produced by a computer, calculate the amount of batch customization seal, eventually given Numbers, playing on random code to prevent seal is batch of generic, to seal security has more improvement. 

Advantages: 1, quick scan 2, penetration and no barrier reading 3, data memory capacity of 4, compact size,

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