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Security Plastic Seals
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-10-16 PV :

This product by the selection of imported PC material and ABS polycarbonate resin molded parts with copper wire

inside and outside sealing assembly line table. The anti-theft performance is good, easy to seal, can be numbered,

printed mark, trifoliate orange.

Scope of application: applicable to the electric meter, water meter, ordnance, chemical, mining, railway, finance,

customs, commodity inspection, container, foreign trade enterprise product inspection, packaging barrels packaging,

 energy metering, canned containers, storage and other industries to prevent the theft of secrets.

Product advantages: a characteristic of plastic meter production letter is the most outstanding trademark code can be

made according to the requirements of your organization, laser typing and order number, strengthen management,

easy to use, the main ingredients of "polycarbonate" plastic, high temperature pressing, with high hardness, strong

toughness, clear advantages of lead poisoning. No pollution, is the most economical and environmentally friendly products.

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