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Application of container seal in tanker
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-24 PV :

container seal is a professional production of custom-made seal is the goods loaded into the container and the correct closure of the door, by the specific personnel imposed by the lock-like equipment.

container seal in the tanker application skills

1. After the unloading, the filling station on the tanker tank metering port and the unloading port, handle the Department of seized seals, so that its close connection to prevent due to excessive travel caused by the opportunity.

2. After the arrival of the tanker must unloading port, unloading handle and tanker unloading handle pin container seal number to check to see if the sealing seal and permanent seal number table container seal number consistent with the lead, lead Is the seal intact?

cable seal

3. After confirming the container seal are intact and the numbers are consistent, the gas station can destroy the seals at the unloading port and the handle, and unload the oil normally. However, the container seal at the pins can only be inspected and protected as permanent seals, Can not be destroyed.

4. Inspectors found that under the oil depot under the restrictions imposed by the oil, can only use the program two to transform. In the subsequent inspection, it was found that there was a lot of space behind the tank plate of many vehicles and there was still the possibility of stolen oil products. Then the structure of tanker truck research and development of two sets of rectification programs.

5. Install the unloading port cover on the tanker unloading port and apply the container seal .

6. Drilling holes in the body, while perforating the unloading handle at the same time, through the lead seal so that the handle and the body connected together, you can prevent the unloading oil handling handle to steal oil.


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