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Using Security Seals Effectively
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-23 PV :

A shipping container security seal in and of itself is not an effective supply chain theft prevention and product tracking program. It is one component that if used effectively and in conjunction with other security measures, can provide evidence of tampering and even help deter theft. There are additional steps, however, that can be taken to reinforce their effectiveness.

Layering devices, using multiple seals, matching labels and tape or applying segregated sealing by separating the seal from the bar code.

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Using a variety of sizes, styles, colors and alpha-numeric combinations of security seals on a rotating basis can make tampering much more difficult.

Logos, custom marking, warning labels or any other type of symbols that quickly and easily identify source and content can help prevent tampering.

If you're in the Dangerous Goods business, you probably use security seals somewhere. Maybe lots of places. But you might not realize how many ways and places DG professionals put seals to work. A closure device that can be opened only once can protect more than you might think. Locks can be re-locked, but a broken seal tells you with certainty that a container or vessel has been opened.

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