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The difference between the surface technology of Shi blockade and other locks
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-05-02 PV :

Nowadays, the appearance of Shi blockade mainly includes: polishing, drawing, painting, baking, electroplating, etc. In addition, some high-grade locks also adopt advanced special processing techniques. Room door locks look at the surface treatment process. Because people’s demand for the Shi’s blockade has long exceeded the use of functions, the pursuit of decorative effects has been pursued. Just as people wear clothes not only for hiding and keeping warm. Such as oxidation coloring process.

In general, what kind of process is not only for cost considerations, but also determined by the material of the lock, such as polishing, drawing process is only suitable for materials that are not easy to rust; paint, paint, plating is suitable for itself does not have anti-rust effect The material; oxidation process is only suitable for high-grade magnesium aluminum alloy material. 

The locks that have been polished and brushed can better reveal the texture of the material, appear natural, simple, and generous; the locks that are sprayed, baked, and plated look beautiful and luxurious; the oxidation-treated locks are resistant to decay and are not easily discolored.

When selecting, the blockade for polishing treatment focuses on whether the surface is bright and has any burrs; the wire drawing depends on whether the texture can be clear, even, sprayed, baked, and plated to focus on whether the color can be even and bright. Zou, bubble.

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