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Shandong Tengxin Seal Co., Ltd
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-09-25 PV :
Shandong Tengxin Seal Co., Ltd. is a professional seal factory which integrates design, production and sales.

Factories fully implement the ISO9001 management system, and in accordance with ISO / PAS 17712 international standards to implement strict product quality control. Which part of the high security and wire seal the parameters of the indicators (tensile, shear, bending pressure, impact resistance) are far more than ISO / PAS 17712 high security level standards. 

tengxin seal factory

Tengxin with innovative technology as the core value. With the brand, quality and service advantages, a number of well-known domestic and foreign logistics, banking, aviation, apparel and other enterprises of high-quality seal suppliers.

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