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Cargo transport often use plastic seals to ensure the safe packaging of goods
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-17 PV :

Cargo transport often use plastic seals to ensure the safe packaging of goods

Plastic seals, capable of recording the integrity of vehicles or other hard-to-packs that have been sneak-opened for automatic detection when opened. Plastic seal of the container automatically identify the status of the container can be realized into the electronic tag of the cargo transport information as a carrier of the cargo transport information point to point in the transport process to achieve the destination from the originating station to the destination container can not open the verification target . Once the plastic seal has been damaged, it will be reflected in the computer monitoring system.

plastic seal

Plastics seal together in plastic production technology, energy, container status changes in real-time state changes occur at the time, place and information sent to the environment of all people or managers. Plastic seals and some positive behavior may occur for an immediate distress signal. In the long run, the increased safety and transparency of active plastic-sealed container transport will result in a significant reduction in overall transport costs. And as technology matures and costs go down, active plastic seals are shipping more and more goods for a wider range of safety applications.

 Through the computer management system registration, issuance, inspection, opening, reuse, cancellation and other aspects of the implementation of strict supervision, a fundamental solution to the traditional safety equipment, such as plastic seals, seals, metal seals, plastic zipper lock paste Letters and other issues that are easily duplicated, illegally replaced, false or jail, difficult to manage. The plastic seal lock can be combined with a variety of other technologies to verify the integrity of the advanced applications of the goods in many areas.

 The application of plastic seal in the entire transportation process can monitor the entire process of railway container transportation and ensure the validity and safety of railway container transportation. Reduce work intensity, work efficiency and more effective tracking and management, resulting in tremendous economic and social benefits

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