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Plastic seal production process introduced
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-15 PV :

Plastic seal production process introduced

Now people use the most common anti-theft measures is to use plastic seals, but you know it anti-theft measures?

PP plastic plastic seal with a plastic injection, the seal with steel sheet, the product at minus 45 degrees, 50 degrees constant on the type, the surface stamping or laser marking, serial number, bar code, lock lever 2 * 5 flat bar , Shi Feng free tightening adjustment, the color can be made of red, blue, green, yellow, but also according to user requirements into other colors.

plastic seal

The Company - plastic seals with a variety, more practical, if there is a need to customize or interested in other products of friends can  Advisory !

We, SHANDONG TENGXIN SEAL CO. LTD., are a leading manufacturer in the field of security seal products since 2003. We are specialized in the production of  SECURITY SEALS, , such as CONTAINER BOLT SEALS, PLASTIC SEALS, CABLE SEALS,and METER SEALS.

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