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The High Warranty Seal Should Be Processed In Time After The Damage Is Found
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-11-01 PV :
Hi-fi sealed by transparent ps plastic as shell, seal lock body internal structure of clip reed, outsourcing on ABS, lock body surface can be customized laser typing, signs, coding, bar code, such as color information is mainly used for containers, container car, truck, car compartments, such as the seal of a device. And it has the super high mechanical strength, the inner band chip has the global unique ID code, long distance identification and read and write function characteristics.
Hi-fi seal factory for various special reason found high cover seal damage, container driver shall be notified immediately to the factory, the factory will arrange the responsible people to designated location, open the container, check carefully, see if any leakage box or have extra items, and ask the driver the cause of the damage, take pictures, self-provided hi-fi sealing seal factory, please provide the new forwarder hi-fi seal number, notice to change the loading record, change new high cover seal, and report to the guest.
lead seal
Hi-fi seal lock necrosis seen in factory, in the lock, and so on and so forth, react instantly to the forwarder, please buy goods from the new requirements of high cover letter, and told the titles, container loading is completed, with backup hi-fi sealing seal first and take photos, for the container to the venue, please forwarder keep factories closed, and the new seal right after the seal of high insurance, ask forwarder photos to provide to the company, check the company own hi-fi seals with high seal's titles are consistent, the company has retained file and quote the guests.
After the container enters the port area, it is necessary to check whether the inbound information is in conformity with the packing list information of my company. If there is any discrepancy, please inform the forwarder immediately and find out the reason.

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